Yu Fujimura | 藤村ユウ

Who is Yu Fujimura?

Yu Fujimura is a UTAU voicebank created and voiced by Yupphire. Their voice is available for you to download and use.

What is UTAU?

UTAU is a free-to-use voice synthesizer program created by Ameya that uses prerecorded voice samples to create digital vocals similar to SynthV or Vocaloid.

Yu's Demo Reel

Voicebank Info

  • Recorded in VCV

  • Available Pitches: F4

  • Hiragana encoded

Character Info

  • Gender: Genderfluid

  • Pronouns: Any

  • Age: 11

  • Height: 136cm

Terms Of Use

  • Do not claim ownership of this voicebank or this character

  • Commercial usage without the author's permission is forbidden

  • Modifying the oto.ni file is allowed. Please contact the author if there are significant problems

  • R18 works using this voicebank are forbidden

  • Using the voicebank to condone illegal or hateful activity is forbidden